In a little Friday evening humor we present you with How to Buy an Android Device at the Worst Possible Time. We know it’s a little pro-iPhone, but we couldn’t help but post it regarding all the Samsung update drama going on now.

What do you think? A little biased, but excruciatingly true? Do you think that it’s wrong? If so, you clearly don’t have a Samsung device.

Happy Friday, everyone!

[DroidLife, Via DesignDare]


  1. Buy your iPhone
    Be stuck with the same UI for years
    New features in an OS Upgrade, bi-yearly
    Buy your Android
    Customize it as much as you’d like
    Root it, ROM it,
    It’s a new phone every week

  2. Remember when we did similar things with pc’s, taking off the bloatware, etc. similar thing with the vibrant…you just have to be kinda sharp…and know how to read directions.

  3. Pretty fair, besides rooting, you can get an early upgrade yearly, with Tmo atleast. Its all about speculation, and if you want updates without hassle stick to the truest of Androids, G1, Nexus1, G2, or Nexus S. Android Rule of Thumb.

  4. I’m with the root it/rROM it crowd. That said, I’d like the frickin’ GPS on my Galaxy S to work. Personally, I’m hoping that they extend the current class action lawsuit against T-Mobile and Samsung to cover all US versions of the Galaxy S.


  5. Almost everyone agrees that the biggest problem with the Android platform is the fragmentation issue. However, it seems the manufacturers and carriers are colluding to use this very problem to make huge profits at the expense of the loyal Android community. Promise the latest version of Android is coming, get everyone excited about it, withhold the update for ridiculous lengths of time, then squeeze full price for the latest phone that has the latest version on it at launch out of those who give up on the wait. Unfortunately, I’m sick of it. I know the only one who’ll care is me, but I’m done with the Android merry-go-round. Fuck Verizon, fuck Motorola, fuck T-Mo and Sammy too (my son has a Vibrant, I have a Droid X). I’m selling my DX and getting another Blackberry. Probably from Sprint. I will NEVER do business with companies that screwed us again. I will miss the awesomeness of Android, but not the frustration. Shame on the greedy bastards.

  6. So, I must say all of android doesn’t have an update problem and for the past year most phones have been very similar, the BIGGEST difference has been size and physical keys. I strongly disagree with this article; sammy blows but aside from that the other manufactures are reasonable about updates. And there is much more wrong with apple than what is listed. I was an apple user before I came to android and after experiencing the open platform I couldn’t go back.

  7. “If so, you clearly don’t have a Samsung device.”

    But I have a Samsung device (Galaxy S) and a offically released Froyo since last October.

    Hint : I do not live in the USA.

  8. Hi there,

    as “proud” owner of Motorola Milestone, i can say you are probably right.
    I still run Android 2.1 on it, because Motorola “needs more time for testing” and before that Motorola “was evaluating if 2.2 is actually going to work, even with Droid already havin it”.
    I do like Android and i would still buy an Android Phone than iPhone. But, as of today i don’t know which to get as next. I don’t like HTC Sense, I don’t like update policies of Samsung and european Motorola. What options do i have? 🙂


  9. My HTC Hero is 18 months old. Carrier updates were a bit slow (well, first HTC were slow then Three were slow, but they got to 2.2 in the end). However, I had the option of doing it myself.

    My phone is running Android 2.2, has the Gingerbread Keyboard and the new Marketplace. It still feels like a new phone and I’d still choose it over the iPhone 4.

    Now my contract period is over and my Desire HD should arrive soon. I believe that it should easily last me until my contract is over once more.

    @Alecs Jonson

    I believe you can install Launcher Pro or similar if you don’t like HTC Sense.

  10. Yeah, big problem: constant choices and constant updates, vs one choice, infrequent updates. Why would anyone want all the freedom an Android offers when they could be locked into an inferior system that rarely changes?

  11. ORRRR, Buy a Nexus one or Nexus S.
    -get new os.
    -get new os.
    -get new os.
    -get new os.
    -get new os.
    -get new os.

    YOU knew samsung would not update fast. so why did you do it?

  12. Uh, people point to the N1 as being updatable in the long-term, but it has only been out for one year. Most people don’t talk about Google’s first unlocked phone – the ADP. It hasn’t had an official update since 1.6, which came along about six months before the N1.

    Of course, Cyanogenmod eventually got it up to 2.2, and it is even usable with the new radio hack.

    I suspect the N1 will have more staying power, as more recent phones aren’t considerably more powerful. RAM is the biggest issue and there was a big jump between the ADP and the N1.

    Still, Apple sells an overall brand. Google sells parts to people who will build whatever they want from it. They are different models, each with pros and cons. I don’t mind rooting my phone, so the Google model works better for me. If I didn’t root my phone, I’d probably get a Nexus S, or wait for Google to come out with a newer phone with a hardware keyboard.

  13. Buy an iPhone
    get a new os (same ugly ui new number)
    apple releases a new phone you can’t afford it but the os upgrade is free (same ugly ui 1 extra feature more restrictions new number)
    get a new os (same ugly ui new number)
    apple realeases a new phone you can’t get the new os but your contract is up so you get the new phone (because apple’s pabulum feeding Fisher Price approach has made you lazy and afraid to think for yourself and convinced you that any different is bad)

    Buy and android phone
    A new is is released you carrier/handset maker won’t put it out, you upgrade anyways
    You find a new version you like you try it
    You find a new version you like you try it
    you find a new version you like you try it
    You find a new version you like you try it
    Your carrier/handset maker release the os you stick with the custom version
    A new os is released your carrier/handset maker wont Release repeat above…

  14. After reading the posts above, it should be pretty obvious we are getting hosed by the carriers/manufacturers. I mean, c’mon…the Motorola Milestone STILL doesn’t have froyo even though it was released for the D1 (which is virtually identical) last August??? European Galaxy S customers have had froyo since October??? People should stop taking this lying down (i know not everyone is), I blew up Verizon’s phones with angry calls and sent tons of emails. If everyone makes enough noise, eventually they WILL make changes to the way they treat us. If you do nothing, you have very little right to complain.

  15. Samsung does update fast. I’ve been on official 2.2.1 froyo for the past month on my galaxy s.
    Very fast, reliable, gps working flawlessly.

    It’s just the U.S which has this problem. Don’t presume every Samsung owner has this problem when the rest of the world doesn’t.

  16. Yeah sure there will be phones released a little while after your device, but who cares I still think my nexus one is way better then the iPhone! It’s way faster and it can do much more. Maybe android phones get newer models often, but that doesn’t mean your phone is outdated. And maybe not all updates work for your phone directly, but they will eventually! And the ios updates add nothing while the android updates do

  17. That Android time line is an exact copy of the Motorola Europe time line,

    As a matter of fact we are still waiting in Europe for a Motorola Froyo device. Either by update or by actual release,

    Yeah you got that right even the brand spanking new DEFY doesn’t run Froyo, Reason Motorola doesn’t care! (US Only)

  18. Stop buying iphones. Give android a try. The last iphone design wasn’t exactly a great improvement (grip of death). New android phones are coming out for EVERY major carrier. Just wish they’d make some for prepaid around $100.

    An archos 32 net10/tracfone would be nice for about $100.

  19. Just because APPLE fans can’t get the android OS doesn’t mean ANDROID fans can’t android OS.

    Allow me to demonstrate with a quick chart

    [] = device

    Device 1:
    [Apple Fanboi]
    [Android Fanboi]

    Device 2:
    [Apple Fanboi][Apple Fanboi]
    [(Android Fanboi)(Android Fanboi)]

    As you can clearly see, the android fanboi simply integrates the desired features from the new device he wishes to be a fanboi of into his hold device, while the apple fanboi ultimately succumbs to the sparklyness of the newer device, and with it his transition from innocence to consumer prostitute.


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