One of the interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone when it was unveiled earlier this month was the metal frame of the device. If you wondered exactly how that metal frame was made, a few details on its construction process have been unveiled.

The construction of the Alpha requires some advanced techniques, as you can imagine. The build process uses a number of CNC processes with automated tools controlled by computers to build the metal frame. The first process sees the frame carved and trimmed to a rough material shape for the smartphone’s design.

After that rough frame out of the shape, spaces for the battery and window parts are machined. The next step sees the outer edge shape developed more, making the curved corners of the device along with slots for buttons and the antenna.

After that process, the case is dipped into a color anodizing process to tint the metal frame to the desired color. After being colored the frame is diamond cut to create a finish difference with matte and shiny for grip and looks. The frame then gets its electronic parts and is sent to testing before shipping to consumers.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow