As you all know, we are pretty big fans of the NVIDIA SHIELD Android-powered game controller and console around here. Offering up the power of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 quad-core and a 5-inch 720p HD display all built inside and onto a dedicated game controller. Well, there’s tons of Android and Steam games you can play, but a popular YouTube channel is showing us nearly 9000 games all using emulators.

You’ve probably heard of the YouTube channel HouseholdHacker before, but if not, the name says it all. Giving tips and tricks to hacking (or simply making easier) anything and everything around the house. From computers, gaming, kitchen, food and cooking tips and more. You name it, they talk about it.

This week they release a brand new video showcasing Android game (or Arcade) hacks, which were essentially just a compilation of their five favorite emulators on Android. Want to play the original GoldenEye? Yes please! With SHIELD the experience is top notch. From The nostalgia filled original Nintendo, to the Game Boy and all, they share some good tips.

The NVIDIA SHIELD has some serious potential. If you didn’t know that already from all the Android and THD games, having access to hundreds of quality titles by streaming from PCs with Steam, we now have nearly 9000 other games all thanks to some quick and easy hacks. Downloading a few emulators will make the SHIELD become an ultimate gaming device. They might not all be top-tier graphics, but I’m not complaining. Our own Chris Burns at SlashGear showed off some Tony Hawk lately, and you can see that below.

Mario Bros with classic controls all on a 5-inch display while sitting at the airport. Sign me up! If you haven’t picked up a SHIELD for the $299 price, this is 5 (or 9000) other reasons it could be worth it for any gamer. Oh, and if you’re still not sure, check out our thorough NVIDIA SHIELD Review.


  1. Thanks for the great info on another reason android and the new shield nvidia console are getting more and more useful for gaming on the go!


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