Contrary to what some people think, not everyone who travels for leisure is rich. In fact, a lot of them always look for budget airfare and accommodation so that some of the money can be spent for other travel activities like tours, souvenir shopping, etc. So more often than not, these budget travelers are always on the lookout for great airfare deals. There are already websites and apps for that, and one of the new ones that you can try out is Hopper Airfare Predictions.

Aside from telling you when airline tickets are on sale, Hopper actually analyzes “billions of flight prices daily” so that it will be able to predict when the airlines will go on sale for the destinations that you’re looking at. Then it will send you alerts that now is the right time to book your plane tickets because it’s the lowest it’s going to get. The app page says that it can save you up to 40% if you use it and follow its advice to book now.

The app also has a color-coded When to Fly calendar which tells you the best months to book a flight, depending on where you want to go. The Price Prediction feature will also tell you whether to push the buy button now or to wait for a better price later on. It claims 95% accuracy, and the comments so far have been pretty positive. It has also been featured on sites like Lifehacker, Time, Mashable, etc.

You can download Hopper Airfare Predictions for free from the Google Play Store. It’s their first time on Android, so expect some bugs and improvements over the next few weeks.