It’s time to take a quick look at a recently released Twitter app and client on Android called Hootie. It has been available for a short while, and was making the rounds over on Reddit. The developer put a lot of effort into offering a beautiful and simple design, but it’s lacking in features. With all the talk about Falcon Pro and others having issues, we figured it was time to check out another option.

As we all know, Twitter only allows third party apps to serve 100,000 users, then it gives them the cold shoulder. Popular options like Falcon Pro have suffered from this, as has the end user, so today we wanted to share a new Twitter app with everyone. It’s called Hootie and has a great look and general design, animations, and feel, but sadly isn’t quite as feature rich as most.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 4.10.03 PM

Hootie is very minimalistic. If all you want is a beautifully designed Twitter app that you can read your feed with, post updated, and RT the occasional story, this is perfect. For those power tweeters needing a suite of features, settings, themes, and notifications this certainly won’t be for you. Here’s our quick hands-on with the new app.

As we said in our video Hootie is rich in design, but lacking in features. There’s absolutely no settings of any kind. We can’t change the update times, get notifications, change the themes or look in any way. It’s as plain as they come, but one of the prettiest looking plain Twitter clients we’ve seen lately.

It’s extremely fast, smooth, and clean looking to say the least. There’s a nice stretching animation as you scroll down you feed, and the Hootie bird animations are pretty slick too. Seriously this app is awesome if you’re going on just looks, but falls short of something I’d use daily based on the lack of features.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 4.10.38 PM

So with us complaining so much about the lack of features why are we even mentioning it today? Because it’s got an excellent design, has tons of potential, and is great for the minimalistic that just wants a clean and simple Twitter client without all the bells and whistles. Again, if you’re a Falcon Pro refugee we’re going to recommend Robird for Android, otherwise try out Hootie from the link below.

SOURCE: Play Store