The smartwatch industry may be stagnant but we believe it still matters. That is why there are OEMs introducing new wearable devices, hoping they will deliver important innovation to the gadget category. Most of the smartwatches we know are health-and-fitness focused but there are some that sell because of their attractive design. A couple of months ago, we heard of a rumor that an Honor Watch would arrive with the Honor Magic 2. We’ve already seen the latter and even got our hands-on and review.

After the Huawei Watch GT, expect a new smartwatch model from the Honor sub-brand. The Chinese OEM was recently sighted with a new Watch. A Bluetooth SIG certification shows Honor has been working on something which could be a follow-up to the Watch Magic.

The document only shows the model number ‘ELF-G10’. It is a smartwatch as noted. We don’t think this will just be another health and fitness wearable device.

The Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy feature could be an indication it’s a smartwatch but we’re taking things with a grain of salt. The MediaTek processor may also be used on the said smartwatch so it should be interesting.

It could add more power compared to the older models we know from Huawei. Let’s wait and see.