Different people have different ways of coping with the overabundance of stress these days. Some try to funnel that energy with some indoor activity while others prefer to escape (safely, hopefully) to the great outdoors. Whether you fancy yourself a great adventurer or a classy but active fashionista, Honor says it has a smartwatch to keep you company for as long as 25 days without having to recharge them.

People are advised to stay indoors to minimize human contact but you are also less likely to encounter other people when you’re out for a run in the woods or camping in a secluded location. If you’re the outdoors type of person, the Honor Watch GS Pro is designed to not only keep track of your activity but also keep you safe or at least keep you from getting lost.

Celestial data and bad weather alerts can help you get through the thick and thin of the wilderness and when you do lose your way, a GPS Route feature will help you retrace your steps and get back home. With a 25-day battery life, 100 if you turn “outdoor mode” on, Honor promises you’ll be able to tell the time anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to be a great adventurer to stay healthy. The Honor Watch ES can help remind you to be at your physical best while also looking sleek and presentable in most situations. Looking more like a stretched Apple Watch, the Honor Watch ES at least has more screen space to show more information. Given that is has 44 exercise moves, 95 workout modes, and your usual culprits of activity and health tracking, you’ll definitely appreciate having a longer screen.

Unlike other major smartwatches, though, these don’t run on Wear OS or some other popular platform, something that has been a large drawback to Huawei’s otherwise impressive Watch GT2. Then again, these are meant to be their own thing, more like smart fitness accessories rather than extensions of your smartphone. The Honor Watch GS Pro and Honor Watch ES are launching in European markets on September 7 so be on look out for Honor’s usual competitive pricing.


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