Have you ever wished that your smart TV had a pop-up camera so It can take your pictures or videos while you’re watching something? No? Well it may not be your wish but we may be getting one soon, if our guess is right. Huawei, through its Honor sub-brand is set to announce their first foray into this market with the aptly named “Smart Screen”. Details about it are already coming out and one of its graphics show it might have a pop-up camera or at least something that looks like one.

According to the folks at XDA Developers, Honor recently announced their smart TV and it is set to be launched at the upcoming Huawei Developer Conference happening on August 10. Honor President George Zhao (Ming) also shared some hints about the upcoming device, like it will be powered by a Hongjun 818 chip which is designed for smart displays and also brings high quality audio and video. The chipset was created in partnership with Baidu and has an octa-core processor and supports 8K video playback.

Chinese e-commerce website JD.com actually has a listing page for the smart TV and it includes a graphic showing what it looks like. It’s in that short video that you can see a camera popping out of the screen. We assume that it is indeed a camera although if you think about it, there’s no major purpose for having one. It may actually be a motion sensor for any command you may need to give it that requires gestures or even for motion-controlled apps and games.

The listing comes with a disclaimer that details may change upon launch so we don’t really know if this is official. What we know so far is that it comes with “seven advanced image processing technologies” which includes HDR, super resolution, noise reduction, dynamic contrast improvement, auto color management, local dimming, and motion estimation / motion compensation for high-frame rate interpolation. Having them together in just one device should be something to look forward to.

We’ll know more about this “Smart Screen” from Honor by next week as they are expected to announce it. The 55-inch size seems to be impressive but again, details are not final until they announce it by August 10.


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