Notion Ink has announced it is working on Android 3.0 Honeycomb for the Adam tablet, though an exact release date for the software update is still unknown. The news confirms, however, that the Tegra 2 slate will bypass Gingerbread altogether and look instead to Honeycomb, Google’s tablet-centric version of Android.

Doing so would be is understandable, given Notion Ink’s work on the Eden UI and multitasking system, intended to turn the smartphone-suited OS into something workable for a 10-inch display. Notion Ink says it is working with NVIDIA at the moment for the necessary Tegra 2 polish.

The company has also announced that some Adam touchscreens were damaged in transit, and which will affect deliveries of certain pre-orders; Notion Ink’s touchscreen suppliers are working over the Chinese New Year to replace them. No word on other display issues some owners have reported, however.


  1. Rohan the disgraced CEO of Notion ink is going to get sued for lying about the specifications, sending a defective product to the consumers. His partner in USA namely Greg is also responsible for this mess. He also should be sued along with Rohan. Greg is getting monetary benefits from Notion Ink for showing adam in a positive light on his blog,
    it is a big big shame that we have thieves like these in between us.


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