Generally there’s not much call for us posting something that a developer (or otherwise self-professed Android Pro) says lest it be based in fact or nearly-provable rumor. Occasionally there comes along a person who speaks some factoids that, when pieced together like a puzzle, reveal a whole which basically renders itself so interesting that it cannot be kept silent. Here a fellow by the handle name illojal has a set of bugs he’s found inside Honeycomb that together point toward a hard truth.

What you’re about to see is quoted word-for-word from illojal’s original post on Reddit’s /Android. It’s a set of three bugs that, when you take a peek at them all together, acts as evidence that Honeycomb 3.0 will NEVER be released to the public, instead that Honeycomb 3.1 at LEAST will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands on a full factory build of the tablet-based mobile OS.

Each of these was reported by illegal:

Fragment.isInLayout() always returns false This method is so that a fragment can detect if it is running inside a layout or not. However it will always return false making it basically useless.

ProgressDialog NPE when using ProgressDialog.STYLE_HORIZONTAL ProgressDialog is supposed to be able to have horizontal indeterminate bars now to display that the application is doing something but this bugs makes it impossible to style it to actually look good.

MultiSelectListPreference treats entries as keys This is a new class to have a preference which presents a list where the user can select multiple items. However it will use the strings for display as keys which requires you to have an very ugly workaround to make it work as expected.

What illojal has stated he or she would like to do by delivering these bugs is to convince Google to not release Android 3.0 into AOSP. Why? So that they’ll take the time to fix these bugs, deprecate 3.0, and release Android 3.1, a more clean build for all mankind.