That’s right race fans, start revving your engines if you haven’t already, Honeycomb is getting closer and closer to being released to the public via Google’s AOSP repository. We’ve recently had some unmentionables hit the fan over the fact that Google was holding back the source for Honeycomb, people flipping out over how they though this meant that Android was moving away from open-source. In fact Google was just waiting, watching, thinking, twiddling their thumbs, and the time is soon approaching – a couple bits are already out!

Our excellent friends over at Android Guys have published the path back to Al Sutton who appears to have pieced together a puzzle that’s lead to the discovery of both references to Renderscript as wells a few new build options. As you may well know if you’ve taken a look at our gigantic Honeycomb guide, Renderscript is a relatively new function to be found only in builds post-Honeycomb. That means Honeycomb and possible Ice Cream, if that is indeed what Google intends on calling it.

Right after Al Sutton posted his findings, mister Jean-Baptiste Queru, a fellow who works for Android down in Silicon Valley, said that he added the bits Sutton found “last week,” and that what Sutton was looking at is “just a current snapshot of master, in case incompatibilities develop over time.” The best part about this whole thing? Bits of Honeycomb have been in the AOSP repository for months:

[via Android Guys]