What better way to ensure the safety of your precious smartphone against sudden and forceful impact than with a tried and tested air bag And who better to turn that into a smartphone accessory than car maker Honda.

Of course, it might be overkill for most cases of smartphone accidents, but surely there will be instances when you’d wish your device was well protected against the evils of gravity and other drivers. As the video below shows, it will be useful for those cases when you accidentally drop your smartphone from a great height, like say from construction scaffolding or repair cranes. Who cares if you can’t put it inside your pocket, since the trend of growing smartphone sizes makes that impractical anyway.

It seems that Honda has the same idea and the same need. It has released a video on YouTube, which you can watch below, that narrates how the idea was conceived, the tests that were conducted, and the results that it produced. The Smartphone Case N, as Honda calls it, resembles more a box than a case. Inside the box is the same material you’d find in car air bags. You also have the necessary sensors that will determine if the smartphone is actually falling from a dangerous height or simply dropping off onto your bed. Before it even hits the ground, the air bag gets released and inflates, reducing the impact on the smartphone that sits precariously on top of the contraption.


Of course, this feels unlikely to be an actual product. It can either be an elaborate, but well done, joke or a teaser for some other Honda product or technology. Admittedly, it’s a funny thing to watch and makes you wonder how far some people might go to physically protect their smartphones.