Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, and so are the crazy sales, discounts, and promos. In the spirit of the holiday, Motorola and Amazon have both done a little trimming of their flagship smartphones. But while Motorola is only doing a seasonal pass at the new Moto X, Amazon has seemingly gone all out and dropped the price of the Fire Phone by a considerable amount, hopefully for good.

The 2nd gen Moto X is still too new for a permanent price cut, so it’s understandable it will be getting only a temporary one. Motorola will be taking $140 off, yes you read that right, $140 off the original price of the Moto X, down to only $359. But do make haste, as it will only be a one-time, one-day deal that will all take place on Cyber Monday.

To avail of the offer, you will have to register here on December 1, starting 11:00 a.m. CST (02:00 a.m. in EU). You will then receive an email and a promotional code. When you do that, you can start relaxing, but not too much. Codes must be claimed by December 15, Monday, before 11:59 CST. Those on Verizon will get a somewhat sweeter deal, as they will be able to get a 16 GB 2nd gen Moto X for only a cent, $50.01 for the 32 GB. Any accessory you buy together with the phone will be 30 percent off as well. Do note that the offers are only good as long as supplies last. And supplies do not last long on that day.

Amazon is taking more drastic measures when it comes to its Fire Phone. The smartphone launched with an unlocked price tag of $649. Later, Amazon reduced it to $449. And starting today, you can get the 32 GB unlocked Fire Phone for only $199. A whopping $450 drop from the original price. Good news for new buyers but terrible for those who already bought the thing unlocked.


The retailer giant has not indicated if this price cut is only for the holiday season, but it is likely that it will be a permanent arrangement. Last month, Amazon admitted that it messed up parts of the Fire Phone’s launch, mostly focusing on the price and in managing user expectation. The Fire Phone greatly underperformed in the smartphone market, and this price cut might just be the only way to make it at least more affordable even if it’s exactly more enticing.

[UPDATE] A bit sadly, this new Fire Phone deal is only a time-limited offer. This unlocked, no contract Fire Phone is a new device that has never been offered before. It is compatible with GSM networks in the US, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS. It will only be available through December 1, Cyber Monday.

SOURCE: Motorola, Amazon


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