Time-lapse photography and videography is one of the coolest things to look at, but is also one of the hardest things to do and perfect. The arrival of mobile devices has made it a bit easier, but still, we need all the tools we can get to help make it possible. A Kickstarter project does just that, as it can help turn any smartphone into a time-lapse device that you can use.

Hobie is a kitchen timer like device that can move horizontally if need be. But it basically functions as a holder for your smartphone, as long as it is less than 8cm wide, and if you need something longer, it can also be affixed to a tripod. You can make your smartphone either stationary while it is time-lapsing, or for a different effect, you can have it slowly rotating horizontally or point it at different directions as well. You can adjust the position manually through the rotating mechanism of the ring.

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The Hobie has 36 points of view and doesn’t need a battery since everything is mechanical. It will come in four different colors, namely black, white, blue, and ice. And because it is tiny (if not attached to a tripod of course), you can bring it with you wherever you want to go so that when the need for a time-lapse strikes you, you’re ready.

Their Kickstarter campaign has already reached 200% of their £10,000 goal, which is around $15,000 with still a little over 10 days to go. You just need to pledge at least £20 (around $31) to get the early bird rate for a Hobie with delivery expected by November.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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