A recently updated app looks like it may bring some ease of use to Android users. Well, ease of use in terms of accessing things such as settings, apps and the file explorer. The app is called Hive Settings and it can be found in the Google Play Store. The app is free and sporting support for devices running Android 2.1 or later.

The Hive Settings app is nicely done, though, also fairly simple looking. The app launches to the Settings, however it also allows for easy access to the Apps and Explorer. You can also click the option to make the app remember the last screen you used. Otherwise, it defaults to Settings when launched. The options also include the ability to display, or not display the system apps.

As for what you can do, well, adjust the settings. The gives quick and easy access to just about everything including Bluetooth, security, Wi-Fi, airplane mode, rotation, sync and more. The Apps section contains a list of apps and when one is clicked, it will give you the option to launch it, export it to the SD card or uninstall it. It also tells you how many apps you have installed, just in case you were curious.

And lastly, the Explorer. Well, this one is simple, it allows you to access the files and folders on your device. The Hive Settings app is currently sitting at version 1.2.5 and the developer has noted that it is actively being developed. All said and done, the Hive Settings app seems to offer much that you can already do with your handset, however it does package it all together in a convenient layout. The one catch we see, it is only available in an ad-supported free version.

[via TNW]