HiSense may be more popular now for its TVs but let’s not forget the brand also makes smartphones, tablets, and even notebooks. We first featured a HiSense tablet back in 2013. The following year, we even got our hands-on experience with tablet-sized Hisense X1 smartphone. An Android Smart TV and HiSense Chromebook soon followed. And then every CES, we would learn about new smart TVs from the company with the last one being a 4K UHD Android TV. Today, we’re learning about a new phone with a color e-ink screen as presented by HiSense on the CES floor.

What makes this color-ink screen phone special is the paper-like display texture. Think of e-ink but instead of black and white, it can display different colors. It may remind you of the old Hisense A5 reading phone.

This one though makes use of a bright yellow color scheme. It boasts a more vivid display effect compared to the old black-and-white ink screen. The refresh rate has been improved as well. With color e-ink as the display on a smartphone or tablet, damage to the eyes can be reduced.

The production of color e-ink screens is still not finalized but it has further advanced through the process of development. Hopefully, in the second quarter of the year (Q2 2020), mass production will finally begin. If that happens, then smartphones due later this year may have the said color e-ink screens.


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