Constantly looking at your mobile devices can take a toll on your eyes, creating issues like eye strain, itching, dry eyes, and headaches. This is attributed to the blue light emitted by digital devices. Hisense wants to take out the eye strain part from your internet surfing experience with its newly announced Q5 Eye Protection tablet. Hisense revealed this eye protection tablet along with the A5C color E-ink screen reading smartphone.

The Android 10-based tablet has a 10.5-inch monochrome HD RLCD full reflection screen with technology that touts to provide a natural light reflection display minus the harmful blue light. This drastically reduces strain while working or taking up online learning tasks. Talking of the hardware specs, the 4G capable tablet is powered by a Hu Ben T610 octa-core chip in tandem with 4GB of RAM. The internal storage is 64GB which can further be extended up to 128GB. The battery life should be impressive with the 5050mAh battery capacity as the display won’t eat up on battery life like other AMOLED color displays.

This tablet comes with unique features that curb mobile device addiction by monitoring the apps and functions. Primarily targeted at learning and teaching, Hisense Q5 has specified functions like dual-screen collaboration, voice translation, handwriting input, and intelligent transliteration, which can set it up shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the other utility tablets out there.

Since it is a monochrome screen tablet, it won’t be the recommended device for multimedia entertainment. The black & white screen will also make sure that you are not hooked onto it and use it only for education purpose. The Hisense Q5 tablet is going to be up for grabs in June 2020 with an expected price tag of around $350 and we expect more news to come in regarding the same.


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