Android continues to gather pace as more companies realise the potential of a recognized brand name and a free OS, and latest on-board is Hisense.  The manufacturer has announced that its first device, the Hisense HS-E90, will make its debut in China this month, with the possibility of US, European and Middle Eastern launches following.

Specifications are tipped to include a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen, 5-megapixel autofocus camera, WiFi and GPS, along with Bluetooth and EVDO Rev.A connectivity.  There’s also a microSD card slot and an FM radio, but we’re guessing Hisense will have to do a little CDMA radio tweaking if they want to release the HS-E90 in GSM-friendly Europe.

We’re a little confused by Hisense’s official renders, too.  The UI is non-standard for Android, which suggests that either Hisense have developed their own or used a mockup design that won’t exist on the real HS-E90, and the notch in the bottom left-hand corner on the back of the smartphone looks like a stylus.  Considering Android was designed to avoid the need for a stylus, we’re hoping Hisense aren’t under the impression that would-be owners would love to see the toothpick’s return.

[via Unwired View]