So, you’re in Japan, and you don’t mind that you can’t have the Samsung Galaxy Tab quite yet (not that you haven’t thought about that MTV exclusive app), but you really want an Android-based tablet. If you’re on NTT, then perhaps the Hikari iFrame is the device you’ve been looking for. Featuring a nice, brilliant white case, and a roomy 7-inch touchscreen display, the Hikari iFrame is certainly an interesting member to the Android-based tablet family.

The Hikari iFrame was first introduced in November of last year, but it’s finally here. NTT, which happens to be the largest telecommunications company in Japan, has finally officially announced that the tablet device is available right now. The tablet features Android 2.1 under the hood, that aforementioned 7-inch touchscreen, integrated WiFi, one USB port and an SD card slot.

You’ll also be able to make use of the digital photo frame function, along with the alarm clock functionality. There are also internal speakers. NTT is also going to supply the Hikari iFrame with specific applications for the device, like coupons for local eateries and shops, recipes, and weather information. There are only 50 applications available out of the box, and there’s no access to the Android Market. And, if you want the applications, you’ll have to pay $2.50 every month.

NTT is officially launching the Hikari iFrame beginning November 25th, and you can buy it out-right for $290, or you can rent the device for a monthly fee of $3.80.

[via CrunchGear]