Don’t you just hate it when NVIDIA plainly tells you that your device is not good enough for a specific game? And no, we don’t mean that in a relational/metaphysical way – a device’s feelings is tough enough for that (haha) – we mean that in a “your specs are not robust enough” for this game way. There are several games out there that are playable only on an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with its Tegra K chip and 256-core GPU. But rejoice now, because if you bought that (relatively) affordable NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, some of these games are now available for you. Click on the link titles to download.


First up is that game with a maddening twist to the endless runner genre – you control not one but two players in “Twin Runners”, available now on the SHIELD Android TV for USD$2.49. Then you get that gorgeous platformer design by those Pixar guys, “Flyhunter Origins” is now available on the console for USD$2.97. Also available are “Pure Pool” (USD$5.23) and the top-down RPG shooter “Xenowerk” (USD$1.99).


Then you also have “This War of Mine” (USD$14.99) – a beautiful game which will give gamers a bit of pause since it deals with the reality of war and violence, probably more gorgeous now on a big HD screen. Then you add to the group two games made specifically for the SHIELD Tablet and the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV – another top-down shooter called “Killing Floor: Calamity” by Tripwire Interactive (USD$4.99), and “WindWard” by Tasharen Entertainment, a PC game ported to the SHIELD platform and features battles between ancient ships.


These ought to keep you entertained for quite a bit, especially if you already bought that NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console and are looking for some gaming fun.

VIA: Droid Gamers (1), (2)