Bixby may be a bit lagging behind Alexa and Google Assistant since it’s limited to high-end Samsung devices right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. And according to one of Samsung’s top AI officials, you can expect Bixby 2.0 when the Galaxy Note 9 is launched later this year. In other but also related news, Bixby will be available to more smart appliances so users can actually create a better Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem within your house.

Gray G. Lee, the head of the AI center of Samsung Research, said that the upcoming new flagship device, expected to be launched in August, will also be the launching pad for the advanced Bixby platform or version 2.0 of the digital assistant. This means your Bixby will have enhanced natural language processing so you can use conversational language when giving commands or asking questions. It will also have improved noise resistance capability and more importantly, it should have quicker response time.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-suk, the head of Samsung’s consumer electronics division, promised that users will have upgraded experiences since they’re bringing Bixby to a wider range of home appliances. This is also through SmartThings, the app that combines all of their IoT-related cloud platforms. Currently, aside from phones, you already have Bixby on Smart TVs, refrigerators, and washers. Soon, it will be available on other products like ovens and robot cleaners. With a simple, “Hi Bixby, I’m home” it will turn on air conditioners, lights, even air purifiers, etc.

Samsung is planning to expand its AI workforce (and we don’t mean AI workers, but people) by 1,000 and creating AI centers in different parts of the world. Their vision for their AI division boils down to five things: “user centric, always learning, always there, always helpful and always safe.”

VIA: Korea Herald, Yonhap News