Wireless anything is fast becoming a standard. Wireless earphones? Check. Wireless charging? Check. How about wireless charging for wireless earbuds? Check check. Now on Kickstarter is a pair of wireless earbuds that can also be charged wirelessly. Called as the hGroov, this pair of smart wireless charging earbuds is a first in the world. The team behind this one completely eliminated the wires so it’s tangle-free.

The pair is easy and convenient to use especially if you already have a wireless charging pad. Just get the hGroov and you can juice it up on a Qi-compatible charging mat. It also charges via a Micro USB port if you want faster charging but for ultimate convenience, do it wirelessly.

The hGroov Wireless Smart Earbuds are ideal for the sports and fitness enthusiasts. It’s perfect for those always working out because it is lightweight, waterproof, and fits comfortably in your ear even when used all day. Performance-wise, the pair is equipped with a powerful chip inside that offers high-quality audio, high-definition sound, reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a long-lasting battery (up to 21 hours).

Fund goal is only $10,000 but over $58K have been raised already with still 27 days to go before the deadline, thanks to over 560 backers. We’re expecting more will donate to the project before it goes into production.

SOURCE: Kickstarter