If you travel a lot for business or pleasure you know that most of the time if you are in a city for a long time you will need a rent car. Hertz is one of the largest car rental agencies in the country. The company has had an iPhone app for a long time and has now announced a new Android app that will help people that rent cars frequently get one when they need it. The app will run on any Android device with 1.5 and up.

From the app you can find Hertz locations nearby. The location finder will show you on a map where the locations are in relation to where you are at the time. Once you find the location you want you can make a reservation for a car right from your Android smartphone. You will need a Hertz Member Number for the reservations function to work.

The app will show you all the cars that are available. It will also offer you discounts right on your phone as well. Too bad you can’t return your car using the app that is one of the biggest pains for me. You can get the app on the Android Market right now.