If you really want to go to I/O, but don’t have the guts to wait the lottery out, it’s hunting season. Google has reportedly placed links to guaranteed I/O tickets throughout their Developer pages, which redirect to a strange page for signing up to attend I/O this year. It’s a very odd program, and one that could end up having a different effect than Google would like.


In Google’s various Developer pages, there are several goo.gl URL shortened links. Those are what could generate the guaranteed I/O spots, with each link being good for a single ticket. The links only guarantee attendance, though — the $900 is still required.

Sounds tempting to guarantee yourself a spot, but we’d caution you against going through the Developer pages just to try and attend I/O. As tempting and cool as Google’s conference is, it’s becoming clear that Google’s intention is that consumers stay home — they want Developers to attend. These hidden gems weren’t dropped in plain site; they were hidden in Developer specific pages.

We know you love Google (we do, too), but I/O is for Developers. Let them go, let them learn, and watch them apply what was gained for you via apps and services. The spots are not transferrable, so it’s not as if you could somehow will it to a Developer you might know or like. Take this news as a sign Google did something pretty neat for Developers. Chances are, that’s not you — so just leave them be.

Via: 9to5Google