More good news for you Hearthstone addicts out there. Aside from ‘The Grand Tournament’, the second expansion of the game coming really soon, you can now get the new rare card from Galaxy Gifts even if you’re not a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone owner. You see, this particular card is hard to get so I’m pretty sure that fans like you are really bummed that it’s kind of exclusive for Samsung device owners.

Well, you can now rejoice because we’ve figured a way around the problem. Of course, any hardcore geeky gamer will always find a way to get things free with a simply hack, rooting, or whatever. No need to buy that premium Galaxy phone that’s over $500 because seriously, doing that is just too much for any gamer even if you’re so addicted to Hearthstone.

Thanks to VentureBeat for sharing this video below on how to get the Galaxy Gift Hearthstone card:

The tech website even shared step-by-step instructions on how to get it so you only need to carefully read and follow the instructions. First, you need to download an Android emulator on your desktop computer called the Genymotion tool. Install the app, boot up, and make your own Genymotion account. Log in to your account and then look for ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 – 4.4.4 – API 19 1080×1920’ or any potential device, click on it, and wait for the app to start up the Android phone emulator.

Since it’s only an emulator on your desktop, you need to install the game first. Go to the Galaxy phone’s System Settings> Security> Unknown sources and then click the home button. Search for the ‘Amazon App Store’ on Google search, download ‘Amazon Appstore: Getting Started’ first, use your Amazon account to sign in, then search and download the Hearsthone app. DO NOT start the game yet because there are more steps to follow.

To finally turn your emulated Galaxy Phone into a Galaxy S6, select the home button and choose list of apps. Click File Manager> menu button on the left> choose the setting cog icon> General Settings> Access Mode> Root Access more> Remember choice forever> Allow. While still on the File Manager app, select the hamburger menu button, choose System folder> build.prop> Editor> Open>. Search for “ro.product.brand=generic” then replace the word “generic” to “samsung”, click enter to start a new line, and then type “ro.product.model=SM-G920F”. Make sure you save the code by clicking on the disk icon, close the emulator, and then start it again. Select Hearthstone on your virtual Samsung Galaxy phone and finally see the new card for your enjoyment.

VIA: VentureBeat