When you’re trying to navigate in an unfamiliar place but you can’t bring out your smartphone to help you out, it’s mighty convenient to have a good app on your smartwatch. When HERE WeGo launched for the Samsung Gear S3, it made it easier for users to see where they’re supposed to go. Now the latest update brings even more features, specifically public transit information as well as a companion mode for your smartphone in case you needed a bigger screen to navigate.

Since not all are driving cars or are passengers in ride-sharing services, public transit information is also pretty important especially for those who are on a daily commute. The update now brings real-time updates for trains, buses, trams, ferries, etc. In fact, it’s almost the same information that you’ll get from the HERE WeGo app for Android, except the information is on your wrist. It can tell you where to go to catch the nearest bus or train and also what time you need to be there. If you’re not familiar with the stops, it can also tell you where you need to go down and if you need to transfer.

The update also brings a companion mode for your smartwatch. If you already have the HERE WeGo app on your smartphone, it can mirror the navigation that you see on the Gear S3, in case you would need to glance at a larger screen. It can make your searches faster as well and have access to features like recent places.

The update of course includes bug fixes, especially since this smartwatch app is still just a couple of months old. You can now download the update from the Tizen store.