The full version of HERE, a navigation app trying to take on the likes of Waze and Google Maps, has added a feature that the beta users have been able to enjoy for some time now. You can now add a Home button on your smartphone’s home screen that can literally (okay, not literally actually) take you home with just a few taps. Cyclists also have something new to enjoy, and if you’ve always wanted to be a beta tester for the app, now is your chance.

The update allows users to add a “Go Home” button so that you can save your address and coordinates there that will help your car or ride navigate towards your home destination. You don’t even have to open the HERE app itself for your to access the button or to get the fastest route. Just tap it and it will supposedly get you on your way. This was previously available for beta testers only, but now, regular users of the navigation app can use it.

If you use your bicycle often, having a good navigation device is like trying to find a unicorn. At the Maker Faire last month, HERE introduced a DIY bike navigation device that cyclists can mount on their handlebars. Now the HERE app has added support for it and you can sync it with your turn-by-turn navigation.


Lastly, becoming a HERE beta tester is now easier. Just open this link on your mobile device and click on the “Become a Tester” button. Then install the HERE beta version app from the Google Play Store, and then use the app normally then report problems or give feedback through the app itself or through



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