The new Samsung Gear S2 won’t be arriving on our wrists until fall, but already, some gadget enthusiasts are eager to try out this first round-faced smartwatch from the Korean OEM. Another thing to look forward to, if you’re crazy about navigation, is that it comes with support for HERE, one of the most trusted apps for getting around areas, either by walking or driving (and with the main app, for commuting). The HERE for Gear is the official turn-by-turn navigation app and it is specially designed for this smartwatch.

You’ll see a green icon on your smartwatch once HERE for Gear starts. That means your location has already been found by the app. Without taking out your connected smartphone, you can now navigate around an unfamiliar area, or look for a specific place near where you are. Simply drag down your finger from the middle of the screen and you will see all the recent searches you’ve made. You can also use the rotating bezel to choose recent destinations or simply just search for a new location.

You then need to tap on the location, then let the app work its magic by making driving and walking calculations on how to get there. You can swipe to the left or rotate the bezel to see other route options if the suggested route is not to your liking. If you prefer looking at an actual map while navigating, the HERE app automatically opens on your smartphone when it detects you’ve started guidance for the route, and you can choose to use it or just stick with your Gear S2.

HERE for Gear is also integrated with the S Voice of the Samsung Gear S2. All you have to do is choose S Voice from the start menu and you’ll all set. The smartwatch is expected to arrive in the market this fall.