While a lot of people who were dissatisfied with their device’s built-in map or even Google Maps were able to enjoy Nokia’s HERE navigational app, it was still in its beta version for some months. But now, the developers are pleased to announce that HERE has finally graduated to full production for release for your Android devices. The change brings major updates of course for your navigational experience to become better, whether you’re driving or commuting.

Previously, the app would give you three options for car routes when you’re looking for directions for a place. If you were commuting or walking, you had to switch to the transit or pedestrian tab. But now, the full version gives you the three fastest routes for the three transport modes, and if you’re not satisfied with those, you can swipe left or right to look for alternatives, if there are any available. The maps are also now more interactive, like showing the contact information, photos, and reviews for restaurants (if you’re connected to the Internet) or seeing traffic information and road closures, including how long they’re supposed to last.

Some of the location maps for shopping malls and airports are also now available for HERE, and they’re even in full 3D format. If you’re directionally challenged, you can even spin the map so it can match the direction from where you entered the venue. Of course becoming a full-pledged app means HERE gets a visual polish as well. For example, when you’re looking at a map, you can remove other distractions like the interface so that all you can see is the map itself and the directions.

The app has also made it possible for you to download country maps in the background (with a progress bar) so that you can continue using your device even while it’s downloading. The major update from beta to regular is already slowly rolling out to users, so all you can do is wait until your HERE app becomes “legit”.



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