You may not find any mention of Nokia on the app but HERE for Android is finally available for download. This version of the app still has a lot of things to improve on but at least we know that the maps app is ready for the Android community. Google Maps is still its biggest competition but there are people who use it instead of the more popular choice because it has some special features like planning a journey or sharing routes.

What’s good about HERE is that you can use the maps even when offline. Once you’ve planned out your travel or commute, you can share your route to your family and friends on social networks. You’re not announcing your location and route just for the sake of posting but it’s also a way to provide others of realistic and efficient travel even when riding the public transit, walking, or driving a car.

Using the HERE app for Android, you can plan a route to any destination. Route details will usually be shown and you can easily share them by clicking on the ‘Share’ button. Feel free to send the route via Messenger, email, or any other messaging apps available. Links generated can be saved and visited using the HERE app. Even if there’s no HERE app installed, you can just click on the link provided and you will be shown a map or directions.

If you’re interested to try HERE, just join the Android Beta program as a tester. Members can go and download the program from the Play Store or get the update if possible.

Download HERE from the Google Play Store




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