If you’re an audiophile, you will be happy to know a great music listening experience is no longer limited to having a premium media player, headphones, or speakers. Your smartphone can be enough but of course, you need to choose the best mobile device. Soundguys, a tech website focused on audio products, has published a short list of the best smartphones for audio. If you demand a premium on audio quality, then we suggest you buy any of the smartphones we’re mentioning below.

The list isn’t exhaustive and it’s actually subjective but allow us to share with you why the Soundguys consider these devices as the best. Here is the list:

• Google Pixel 2. This one offers LDAC support and apt X HD support while Dongle already performs well with the dual front-facing speakers.

• LG V30. The device still has a headphone jack but it already features aptX HD support and Quad DAC for 32-bit/384kHz files.

• Samsung Galaxy S9+. The phone still uses a headphone hack and takes advantage of a Dolby Atmos-certified output, LDAC support, and 32-bit/384kHz file support.

• Google Pixel 2 XL. The smartphone offers Android Oreo and a decent performance with the LDAC and aptX HD support.

• Apple iPhone X. This non-Android smartphone offers lagless audio and best implementation of AAC.

The LG V30 and the Google Pixel 2 are the top two choices because for one, with the Pixel 2, you can listen to any Bluetooth codec available. This even includes the proprietary LDAC format of Sony. Meanwhile, the LG V30, it still has a headphone jack which is an advantage as it also supports aptX HD.



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