PowerA recently had a rather nice sale on the MOGA game controller. Maybe more accurately, they were not actually having a sale, but instead just giving controllers away. And giving them away with a free copy of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The deal was simply, ‘buy’ a MOGA controller and get the game for the price of shipping. Anyway, following up on that offer, MOGA has come forward with details on which games are compatible.

There are some that are currently available, such as Modern Combat 4, and some that are still coming soon. The MOGA controller was originally released in October and since then, plenty of additional game titles have come available. In fact, PowerA has stated that they now have “key titles in every major gaming genre.”

Aside from Modern Combat 4, some of the other available titles include Battle Bears Royale (SkyVu Entertainment), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar), Wild Blood (Gameloft), Dead Trigger (MADFINGER Games), Jet Set Radio (SEGA), NFL Pro 2013 (Gameloft), Tiki Kart 3D (Arb Studios), Expendable Rearmed (Retrobomb) and The Bard’s Tale (inXile Entertainment).

And while these game titles were all released with support for the MOGA controller, PowerA has offered the reminder for those playing Modern Combat 4 — make sure you use the “iron sight” button. Otherwise, some of the other supported games include; The Dark Knight Rises HD, N.O.V.A. 3, Sonic CD and Dungeon Hunter 3.


  1. the controller is not really good. they use that old psp sliders for the analog sticks which are not really analog . there is a delay in the bluetooth response. the sticks are stiff and hard to manage. i live in hawaii and got the free offer but had to pay 17 bucks in shipping.. and in order to get the free game of modern combat 4 you have to have a 6.99 a month membership to even dl the game through their wapshop.. gamestop would not even buy it from me when i tried to trade it for some credit..Do not buy pass on this one guys.

    • You must be gotten a defective one cause this is the greatest mobile controller ever. And the compatibility with all the emulators, so awesome.

      • Correct. This guy obviously couldn’t follow simple directions. No membership is needed to download the games……

    • Your on crack, this thing is awesome. Also, why would you bring a cellular phone accessory to Gamestop and assume they’d give you credit???

  2. I’m a year late to the party here, but the guy talking about the stiff analog sticks(sliders as he well describes em) isn’t totally crazy. I picked up the pockelt edition last year, and I have to agree with a lot of his complaints..This is mainly for anybody new reading this. I haven’t tried the Pro edition or any other edition of the controller so can’t comment there.

    With that said, it’s not complete crap. It makes a world of difference. GTA:SA without MOGA, hell. GTA:SA with MOGA, pure pleasure.

    Game on.


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