Some Redditor known as ‘sylocheed‘ shared everything he learned about Nexus at the recent Nexus Open Studio Event that in New York City. The special event was attended by Android geeks who wanted to learn more about Google’s very own Nexus line. Sylocheed shared what he saw and who he met and said that some people from other divisions in Google were present.

This particular Redditor proudly shared the answers to his numerous questions to those key people who are working on the Nexus line–from hardware engineering to industrial design to software product managers to Android US design.

A few Google employees took the time to answer this Redditor’s questions about Android, Nexus, and other technology. Below are some highlights of the things he gathered from the conversations. Sylocheed already noted that these are just his recollections from the answers. They’re not definitive so let’s not quote from these words as if they’re final and confirmed.

• Development and design of a smartphone takes around two years but for the latest Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, it only took the Nexus team seven months
• A lot of work went into the curvature and radius of the edges of the 5X and the camera “hump”.
• A lot of experimentation and testing went into things like the bead blasting process and the diamond-cut chamfer in developing the Nexus 6P.
• There were around 80 different manufacturing steps for the Nexus 6P
• All of the aluminum leftovers in manufacturing were to be collected and reused/recycled for future use.
• That “off center” placement of the camera in the Nexus 6P visor wasn’t a design oversight.
• First quality control test of the Nexus 6P’s NFC sensor—it failed.
• The Sony camera module use was not chosen from a mobile camera menu but simply pulled form a Sony digital camera parts bin.
• The Nexus 6P display uses the same AMOLED as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
• Apple and Beats could very well pull the 3.5mm headphone jack from the next iPone and use a Lightning connector instead–when asked about this particular rumor.

The list is a bit long but the whole thread is quite an interesting read. Head on to Reddit to read the full discussion.

VIA: Reddit