HERE will definitely remain. We’re still looking for more ways on where and how to use HERE maps. The technology is more targeted for personal mapping but it has yet to be utilized by more developers and users. It’s only a matter of time before somebody take notice. True enough, third-party providers have decided and approached HERE to bring more content than just the mapping services.

HERE recently showed off an app at the CES but more changes have been made the past days including a new dedicated nearby option. The new icon can be found at the bottom of the screen. The big idea is that HERE will make your navigating and mapping easier, yet more exciting and accurate. With HERE and 3rd-party content, you only need a few taps to get to the next destination and discover some more.

Imagine being in one place and you need something, just click on the Nearby icon and see whatever establishment is open. One example is Get Your Guide that provides information about a place including interesting spots. Third-party searches can be helpful too to see what’s nearby. You can select tours and guides, see all options on the map, learn more, or get directions. You can also see more restaurants and shops around you if you feel like exploring.

Just feel free to personalize the map with information and make the most of your HERE experience.



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