We first heard talk of the Heml.is secure messaging app a few days back and as of a bit more recent, it looks like they have reached their funding goal. This all comes by way of the Heml.is Blog where they mention how the funding goal was reached in 36 hours and they now have to get to work. That being said, the Heml.is app is being touted as a secure messenger app with a beautiful design.

And for those looking at the above image and thinking that it doesn’t look much like any Android handset that you have seen — rest assured in knowing the app is expected for Android. In fact, the Heml.is website mentioned how the app “will be available” in the Google Play Store. That bring the obvious question of when the app will be available. For now that was left as as rather simple, “when it’s done.”

Otherwise, the Heml.is app will be available for free. The free version will allow users to send and receive messages, however there will also be in-app purchases to unlock extra features. The catch is they have yet to say what extra features would be available. The big part of this app deals with the security though. Part of this will deal with the storing of messages. According to what has been shared so far;

“Messages will only be stored on our end until they have been delivered to the recipient. We might add support for optional expiry times to messages, in which case messages would be stored until they had been delivered or they expire. Whichever comes first.”


While the funding goal has already been reached, there is still the opportunity to back the project. This can be done on the Heml.is website and the donation amounts vary, but begin at $5 for two unlock codes. Those unlock codes can be shared with others and will unlock all the features of the app.

Otherwise, touching back on the secure aspect — it seems that Hemlis actually means secret in Swedish. To further build on that point, the team behind the app, which consists of Peter Sunde, Leif Högberg and Linus Olsson, have said they are “building a message app where no one can listen in, not even us.”

SOURCE: Heml.is, Heml.is Blog