When you see cute, adorable characters on games, you would think that the gameplay itself would be just as cute and chibi-like. Sad storylines, violence, danger, criminal acts would have no place there right? Well, one of the exceptions would be this game called Little Raiders Robin’s Revenge, now available on Android, and from the name itself, you would get that it is a vengeance adventure game, which is made tolerable by the cute graphics and characters that you get to play and encounter.

The sad backstory is that this game’s version of Robin Hood, who of course is named Robin, has his house burned to the ground by the evil soldiers of Sheriff Blackthorn. So what is a rogue outlaw to do? Get revenge of course (hence the title). But he can’t do it alone so you need to create your own band of not-so-merry-but-definitely-cute raiders as you take the battle from the fantastical forests to the regal labyrinths in the kingdom of Brightstone.

You can choose from among 5 kinds of classes for your characters, namely Archers, Swordsmen, Alchemists, Guardians, and Rogues, each with their specific strengths and capabilities. You get to train the villagers and eventually recruit them for your raider squad, create your own equipment and weapons, and then lead them into exciting but dangerous battles. Of course, you get rewards and upgrades along the way, standard fare for most adventure games.

You can download Little Raiders Robin’s Revenge for free from the Google Play Store. But should you want to spend real money on it, there are also in-app purchases available.