Ready for a new detective story adventure? Kathy Rain is the latest game that will make you waste your precious time. But who is Kathy Rain? Kathy is a journalism student who’s been working on a case that involves his deceased grandfather. Ms. Rain is one determined and strong-willed lady who will do anything in her power to uncover the truth about those mysteries surrounding her family.

Kathy’s case is very personal so it’s going to be one emotional rollercoaster ride for her. It’s a journey into the unknown about her hometown but be prepared for what she will discover. Help Kathy answer questions and check the clues left behind by her family. Her grandfather Joseph Rain’s death is making her search for answers as more secrets are made known within her family and the rest of Conwell Springs.

The game will remind you of video games in your childhood with the pixel art graphics plus dozens of hand-drawn environment. You will be mesmerized by the original background music and be impressed by the voice acting of characters as directed by Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games. Follow the exciting narrative of Kathy Rain’s journey set in the 90’s. You’ll be amazed at the the storyline and dialogue you’ll know that this is a very well thought of game.

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