Home replacements for Android have been around since the beginning. The launcher is what launches the main desktop for your device. It’s where you rearrange your icons, put your widgets, and everything. There is stock launchers, Home +, with bigger names like Launcher Pro, and ADW EX being some of the more popular ones. These are all great but sometimes switching between them can get cumbersome and irritating. Always having to replace all the icon’s and widgets gets old also. We present you with HeLauncher.

HeLauncher is an all-in-one home replacement that has many, many of the launchers all in one for an easy, smooth, and seamless change from one to another. No longer do you have to run both stock, and a Sense UI Launcher that take extra memory and phone resources just to get what you want out of both. The amazing developers over at XDA have invented HeLauncher. The dev has pulled the launchers from most of the manufactures, devices, and custom home’s from the market and put them all into one easy to use app.

There is no massive settings or options menu, to try and keep things easy, simple, and stock. HeLauncher also has features that most would charge for, but it is all free. For more information, pics, and to start playing with this on your own device feel free to check out the via at the bottom of the page. As always, be careful when installing things and changing settings on your phone. Here it is direct from the Android Market also.

– Based off of Launcher +
– 5 Screens
– Scrollable Widgets
– Re-sizeable Widgets
– Screen Indicators
– 10 Custom docks (Gingerbread, Froyo, Sense, Slate, Music, Blackboard, Espresso, Blur, Ninja, Samurai)
– Flick up to hide status bar (Love this feature while browsing, etc..)

Latest Build:
– Increased Scrolling Speed
– Improved Style Selector
– Small UI Changes
– Disabled a few preferences until later notice
– Bug Fixes

Coming Soon:
– 3D App Drawer

[via XDA Forums]