There are only so many games right this moment on the entire mobile platform that allow you to murder aliens. Even smaller than this group of games is a selection of games that allow you to do so with one futuristic chain gun, much less two, even rarer is a game that allows you to spin in a turret around using your tablet / smartphone’s internal sensors, shooting then with two separately-aimable guns like you’re playing Lucky and Wild! If you don’t know what that arcade game is, please, please find out.

Heavy Gunner is a game that only has one sort of gameplay, basically as all good mobile games should. You’ve got two controllers, both of them virtual joysticks that control giant guns. In the hands-on demo you’re about to see, we’re using the basic chain guns because they’re the easiest to understand instantly. Later you can get some Ender’s Game Doctor Device-type missiles, big missiles, small guns, all manner of weaponry as the game progresses. You’re always on a turret and the controls are always the same.

The waves of enemies increase in difficulty, amount, and diversity. You’ll be addicted to this game instantly should you be a fan of any gunner game in history for the most part, and once you’ve got a hang of the controls, you’ll have one whole heck of a lot of fun. Drawbacks: the swivel controls using your device’s G-sensor, proximity, and etc doesn’t always work perfectly, but it certainly does work.

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Now NOTE: Unlike many of the reviews we do here on Android Community, this game has been out for some time. In fact it’s quite a few months ago that this app was released, and in mobile gaming, that’s FOREVER! But this game is still sweet, and it still gets updates, as again, all great games should. This game remains competitive and awesome after several months and that means its a keeper. Go grab it on the Android Market now for a good time with big guns.

ALSO note that this game CAN be played in 3D, but since it looks just as awesome outside of the 3D environment, this review is in 2D. Just for fun, here’s Lucky and Wild, without which we’d never have Heavy Gunner. Or maybe we would. Noone can be sure!