Whether you like it or not, our lives will be forever changed. We have no idea when this pandemic will be over. While there is hope, it’s about time we accept the realities many people are facing. It’s not just happening in one country or in one industry. In most parts of the world, thousands to probably millions of people are losing jobs left and right. Many industries, companies, and brands are being affected by the lockdown caused by the coronavirus.

We don’t have the numbers right now but in the US, unemployment is rising. We’re not going to discuss politics here as we only want to deal with the problem and possible solutions.

Mental health is real. There are plenty of people dealing with anxieties. As much as we want to help, we can only do so much. Thank heavens for apps like Headspace. It’s a mindfulness and meditation app that requires some payment. But good news, it is now free for those who are unemployed.

If you are one of the unfortunate statistics, head on to headspace.com/unemployed and sign-up. You will need to enter your information like the previous job, last day of work, etc. Verification will be done before you can access all content available on Headspace.

The premium version can be availed until June 30. Free access can then be enjoyed for one whole year. Healthcare professionals in the US facing the COVID-19 pandemic are also provided the premium subscription. Residents of Los Angeles can also avail of the premium content for free.