This week HD Widgets gets rather colorful in a new set of widgets that take what the app already does extremely well and cuts it all down to a rather Pop Art friendly phase. This release comes as a separate download from the main HD Widgets (now at version 3.8, mind you), and brings you a variety of new backs, fronts, colors, and everything in-between for your fully customizable widget family. HD Widgets just went full tilt simplistic for those that are weary of the skeuomorphism designs of the past – get flat!

The version of the Colourform pack you’re going to be able to download at the time of the publication of this story is a “test pack” and will be available for you to download for free – you’ll have to check in later weeks what the situation is and how it’s changed. For now, it’s all glorious. You’ll be working with 7 new widgets, including a Settings switch, three new 4×1 Settings including Weather Left and Clock Date Split, a new 4×2 Header date, and a couple new 6×2 widgets including Header Settings and Header Weather.


The new styles you’re seeing are reflecting off both Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean so you’ll find that they match quite nicely with whatever newer system you’re on. You’ve got a full color range this time around with custom colors galore, including for the first time – black text on white back! Your backgrounds can now be set with your choice of opacity, tile, and texture as well, with “dynamic 4.2 style settings”, as they say, for all!


Also included in HD Widgets 3.8 is a new set of Notifications Widgets which can be turned on in the Settings panel. You’ll be able to show your Weather and your Battery with temperature, a brief description of the weather (rain!), and your location. Battery widgets here show how long it’ll be until you’ve got a full unit, time remaining if you’re going to be active, if you plan on keeping your device asleep, how much time it’ll take to charge, and all that good stuff.

Note also that the team behind HD Widgets has made it clear at this point that they’re well on their way to HD Widgets 4, the next massive beast of a release with a small handful of new features to add on as well as “a TON” of widget layouts coming up. HD Widgets has been tipped for release by the end of February – can’t wait!



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