After a major update early this month,, makers of HD Widgets, is now rolling out its promised new theme. Kairo now joins the ranks of Glass Gems and Colourform as the official themes for the popular widget set. promised to deliver a visual refresh to HD Widgets when it released version 4, but held back going overboard until it released a new theme. That day is here and Kairo is now available for widget themers to use and enjoy. Kairo is best described as a flat, minimalist but colorful theme that borrows visual cues from iOS and Android 4.4 KitKat. Though new, Kairo is said to cover all the most used widgets used by HD Widgets fans. Those who don’t lean towards the new look can still keep on trucking with the 3D-ish Glass Gems or the refreshed Colourform.


Kairo comes in two sets. The first is a basic but complete set made up of over 40 widgets of varying sizes and functionality, including location-based widgets, custom weather icons, and new 1×2 and 1×4 column widgets. Kairo XP, the eXtended Pack, has over 60 widgets and adds more features like indicator-based widgets, split fancy clock, and the ability to color individual parts of a clock, like dots and individual numbers. Furthermore, the Kairo XP package is where will be pushing out experiments, like oft requested custom widget sizes.


Kairo and Kairo XP will soon be up on Google Play Store, though availability will depend on market regions. While Kairo is free and will most likely be enough to meet most needs, those who want more features and options can shell out $0.99 for the Kairo XP add-on instead.