Summertime is upon us and what does that mean aside from all manufacturers launching new phones? Great shows from HBO and Showtime are starting back up all summer long. I know that doesn’t really have anything to do with Android but the highly popular HBO original series TrueBlood just started the new season last night and kicked off with a bang. All sorts of crazy things going on with shape-shifters, fairies, dead vampires, and even panthers. For those that don’t watch the show I highly recommend it.

HBO is now offering a live wallpaper for all of us Android users that love the show, I bet you iPhoners wish you had live wallpapers right about now huh? HBO just released the TrueBlood Live Wallpaper available in the Android Market now. Give your screen that eerie look of blood and you can tap for drips and see some cool animation effects with the words on screen, or double tap to remove the HBO logo and just enjoy the blood.

This should be a tasty and bloody treat for all you vampires around, I know we have a few somewhere in this crazy mobile world. I did want to mention the app also supports tablets and you can get it for your Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom and it works great at the high resolution of Android 3.1 Tablets.

Now before you go running off to get this live wallpaper feel free to stay a minute and read our Android Community App of the Week Review of HBO GO. You can watch any show from HBO at any moment right on your Android Phone with HBO Go for Android. In case you didn’t know HBO is now showing episodes of popular shows like TrueBlood a week early for HBO GO users only. So last night I watched the new Season 4 premiere of Trueblood on TV then I watched Episode 2 right on my PC streaming to my HDTV using HBO GO. If your not home you can use the HBO GO app I linked to above right from your phone. I had to tie a little Android into this TrueBlood story right? Enjoy the show and stay tuned to AndroidCommunity for all your Android news and rumors.

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