There are a lot of better looking and more feature-filled video streaming apps out there of course, but what HBO Go has that no one else has is, well, basically their original TV shows. And so for those who want to watch Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Westworld, etc on demand have no choice but to get the app. Well the good news is that finally we see some improvements and they may be catching up to what other streaming apps have been doing all along.

First off, it now has a much better looking landing page. And while you probably will spend just a small portion of time on it before you go and watch your videos, it still is important that it is easy to navigate and to look for what you want to watch. You can now also pick up where you left off in case you get interrupted when watching your show or a movie. Previously, you’d have to manually go to the last part you watched, which is pretty difficult at times and also annoying.

And since binge watching is the way to consume a lot of TV shows now, you now get a “binge mode” in your HBO Go app. You can go on watching one episode after another without having to manually select the next episode. Finally, they are catching up to what Netflix, Hulu, and other have been doing all along.

The update also brings the usual bug fixes. So once you update the app from its Google Play page, you can now enjoy and binge all the HBO shows you want.