Watch your favorite shows from HBO anywhere with HBO GO. The streaming service provided for subscribers to HBO and MAX has been something I’ve always used to watch the latest Game of Thrones or catch up on True Blood episodes, but along came my Galaxy Nexus and it wasn’t supported. Today HBO has updated both of their GO movie streaming apps so almost everyone can enjoy them.

Yup, HBO and MAX GO have both been updated with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich support, including the Galaxy Nexus. Sadly my only other complaint is still present, and that is the lack of tablet support. The iPad has been able to enjoy HBO GO for a long, long time, but sadly Android is still left in the dust here.

Updating their app to work with Android 4.0 ICS gave me hope that they’d possibly enhanced the user interface too and it would now work with tablets, since that is what 4.0 ICS is for – joining the tablet and smartphone interface into one. Instead they’ve only made HBO GO compatible with ICS phones and my Transformer Prime is still unsupported. Hopefully HBO has a tablet app in the works, or will straighten up and allow tablets to install their application. In the meantime enjoy HBO and MAX GO on your smartphones with the apps linked to below.

HBO GO link
MAX GO link