The Game Developers Conference this week brought some good news for Sony Xperia Play fans as the new Havok Game Tools, optimized for the Xperia Play, was previewed. Game Developers can program to move via the arrow pads or the touchpad, and can interact with a game via the Xperia’s touch screen. The Havoc behavior engine allows for smoother character interaction in the game as well. Developers will also be able to perform mesh generation and path-finding with real time playback.

The Havok Cloth creates realistic character design with believable, physically based motion to character garments. While Havoc Destruction gives developers complete control of destructible events within the game and lessens rendering testing of those objects through Havoc Physics.

This is certainly great news for developers who are already using Havoc to develop more than 270 games in the marketplace. The new tools mean greater detail and realism, richer, more cinematic experiences, and complete integration all the way up to Android Honeycomb.