The guys behind Runtastic must be really passionate about health and fitness that aside from tracking your movements, it now wants you to sleep better. But it’s just sleep, how can an app make sleep better? Well, this app simply helps to make you fall asleep faster and easily by tracking your sleeping patterns.

The key to having a good night sleep is to have a high sleep efficiency. To achieve that, the Runtastic Sleep Better will review and optimize sleep quality based on your Sleep Cycle and Duration Log. The app also features a Smart Alarm and Wake-Up Window to help you start the day perfectly. It works as simple alarm that features customizable snooze and alarm sounds.

To know when you can sleep best, the app can monitor daily habits including exercise, alcohol and caffeine consumption, and stress among others. Sleep Better app also features Moon Phase Tracking so you’ll know how lunar cycles can influence sleep.

Sleep quality can be improved with the Sleep Better app by Runtastic. It’s a simple way to improve sleep because admit it, it’s not really easy to fall asleep these days because of all the pressures and stress in life.

The developers of Sleep Better is also introducing the Runtastic Sleep Series–a special section where you can read more about how to optimize one’s sleep. A lot of sleep-related insights and information can be learned with this Sleep Better app so make sure you check it out. And no, don’t take a nap yet after reading this.

Download Sleep Better app from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Runtastic