It’s Friday night and you decided to have an impromptu end-of-the-week-let’s-get-drunk-as-heck party at your crib. You sent out the e-vites (yeah, we know, so year 2000). You’ve bought the snacks. You made an emergency clean-up at your place. You’ve gathered all the alcohol and ingredients you can afford. Suddenly, you realized, none of you know how to “bartend” and you’re not in the mood to just drink beer. Panic no more as it’s now as simple as doing a quick Google search.

Google announced that they are now giving away cocktails for free. Hold your horses, we meant cocktail recipes for free. Simply type in a cocktail that you’d like to drink but have no idea what’s in it, like a Sidecar or a Manhattan, and Google will show you the ingredients and how to make it, right on the search results. No need to click on websites that will take forever to load. You can just see the recipes right on the search results page.

But don’t expect unusual ingredients or variations in making regular cocktails to show up on the page. That’s because the recipes they show is based on the most popular options and the ingredients are from the most widely used. They have different sources, including Wikipedia and various websites that deal with things alcoholic.

This new feature works both in desktop and mobile devices. So excuse us now because we want to try out these Bloody Mary and Margarita recipes we’ve found while “researching” this article. Don’t worry, we’re not driving. Happy weekend!

SOURCE: Google

VIA: SlashGear