We are getting closer and closer to an actual release date for the eagerly awaited Harry Potter Wizards Unite game from Niantic, the creators of the still very much popular Pokemon Go. The former, which uses almost the same technology as the latter, has been written about in theory for a couple of years now and given how big the Harry Potter fandom is, we can expect something similar or even bigger than the Pokemon Go launch back in 2016.

The long, long wait may soon be over as a beta version of the game has apparently started rolling out in New Zealand. We’re finally getting a first look at the actual game, or at least the beginning of the game. The basic premise is that you are a volunteer for the Ministry of Magic and you need to capture the “Findables” so that the muggles will not find out there is a magical world existing alongside them.

You will have to go out of your house and walk around different areas, similar to what Pokemon Go has been doing. And you will collect spells to help you get the Findables and maybe later on to battle other enemy wizards because who wouldn’t want to start waving around their phones as if it’s their own personal wand? The more you play, the more powerful you’ll grow and another goal is that you take over your local area if there are no other wizards better than you.

In the demo videos on SlashGear, you’ll see a bit of the startup screen and while it’s the usual stuff at the beginning of games, you might get chills with all the Harry Potter related graphics and music that come with it. You’ll get your instructions from the Ministry and Harry Potter himself (it sounds so much like Daniel Radcliffe maybe it is him) before you go on your merry, magical way.

The gameplay itself will be familiar if you’ve played Pokemon Go. But if you haven’t you’ll figure it out along the way. Probably. The beta mode is now available in New Zealand but if you want to be updated when it will be available in your area, you can go ahead and enlist on the official Wizards Unite website.


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