Over at XDA Developers user KWKSLVR has formulated a GPS fix for the Samsung Vibrant that was originally implemented by XDA user Plato56. This fix primarily applies to phones made prior to October; to find out when yours was made just look under the battery at a set of numbers marked next to the S/N. Once there, the European date format will read something like “10.09” labeling first the year and then the month.

To apply this fix your own device you should navigate over to XDA Developers by clicking here. You will essentially be removing a few screws and gently bending one of the contacts up to touch the GPS Antenna. KWKSLVR suggests using a flathead screwdriver from a glasses repair kit. After the process make sure your GPS data is cleared using the A-GPS app found in the market or one of the apps/methods listed on the XDA post.

[Via XDA Developers]